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Dynamic Web Sites can adapt their content or appearance depending on the user’s interactions, changes in data supplied by an application, or as an evolution over time, as on a news web site. Using client-side scripting techniques (xml, Ajax techniques, Flash ActionScript), content can be changed quickly on the user’s computer without new page requests to the web server.
Most dynamic web content, however, is assembled on the web server using server-side scripting languages (asp, jsp, Perl, php, Python). Both client- and server-side approaches are used in multifaceted web sites with constantly changing content and complex interactive features.Dynamic web pages offer enormous flexibility, but the process of delivering a uniquely assembled mix of content with every page request requires a rapid, high-end web server,and even the most capable server can bog down under many requests for dynamic web pages in a short time. Unless they are carefully optimized, dynamic web content delivery systems are often much less visible to search engines than static pages.Always ask about search visibility when considering the merits of a dynamic web content system.

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