Android Application Development Company in Madurai,Chennai

There are more than 1.2 Million Android Apps available in Google Play and close to 30 Thousand Apps added every month.With Android emerging as market leaders in mobile platform, IT becomes necessary to have your App in Android more than iOS.The hardware which runs Android are also available in wide ranges which makes them a most viable platform to use for your startup ideas or for your business.

Android is a preferred platform for major business houses because of the availability of cheap devices and the easy way to push apps into devices.
Many photography,restaurants, retails outlets, factories, warehouses, hospitals etc.. have started using android apps for their internal applications.

We have an excellent Android development team combined with a creative UI team which understands the way mobile apps are designed and developed these days.We also have a technical head who is in charge of technology and analysing the latest trends in app world. Since we are an application development company we have web service experts
who assists our mobile developers in setting up web service to apps which require data to be fetched and stored remotely.
This technology is helpful when integrating with existing web applications and when handling with huge data. Any web application can be integrated into mobile apps using web service.

Our experience on different mobile phone operating systems include variety of applications such as

  • Social Networking
  • Location based applications
  • E-commerce
  •  Photography
  • Push enabled services
  • Logistics
  • Health care
  • Cloud based applications

A visually appealing App leads to more downloads and kindles interest among the uses to continue using the App, fell free to explore our portfolio for us design skills. Every project with Nextlevelanimation  gets treated by our UX team, who by all means work on getting the touch experience perfect for a user.

Android Mobile Application Development in Madurai, Chennai
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